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Pure Coconut Water 5 boxes 320ml small cans

Pure Coconut Water 5 boxes 320ml small cans


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Naturally Sweet Coconut Water in 320 ml small cans for the whole family. Why carry it home from the supermarket when we can offer you free delivery. Perfect for brain function and support for little prep kids all the way up to big kids the best healthy hydration in Australia. Pure Coconut Water harvested from fresh naturally sweet green coconuts packaged on the same day. Australia's safe choice for active kids and a good replacement for sports drinks Perfect size for school bags.

Pure Natural Rehydration Serve Chilled. Contains Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Manganese, Phosphorus and Zinc. Zero Cholesterol, No Preservatives, No Fat and No Gluten, Vegan Freindly.

Drink chilled straight up or make ice cubes with it. A great addition to smoothies, or soak your oats in it, make coconut water ice poles for the kids. Or try it as a mixer in a cocktail, you will be amazed at the great taste. JTs Coconut Water is a healthy choice for children and adults that is suitable for a Vegan Diet, a Gluten-free Diet and contains no Cholesterol.

5 boxes delivered Free to your door Australia wide. Each box contains 24 small 330ml cans. 120 cans in total just over a months supply.


Shipping - Delivery is via StarTrack. Please state any special delivery instructions. Cannot send to a PO BOX - must be a street address for delivery. Only available to Australian addresses.